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primeval season 3

Best of Primeval Awards - Favourite Female Character
1st Place - Abby Maitland


i swear i’m here for good i’ll never leave


A mere 7 years ago today, a little unassuming dino show burst it’s way onto the UK telly scene and became a hit. With the tag line, “Time for Adventure” Primeval was indeed that. A wonderful mix of fanastic CGI Dinos and heartfelt stories that were character driven. Capturing audience’s hearts and imaginations. Even after it was cancelled after three series, it’s fans (that’s you!) petitioned for it’s return…AND IT WORKED! The “little dino show that could” returned for two additional series and even spawned a spin-off from Canada. Not bad. 

Please join in wishing a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to our favourite show PRIMEVAL! (x)

A message worth sharing as it was a major role for our dear Andrew. Happy Anniversary ‘Primeval’.

Primeval + text posts (2/?)

Best of Primeval Awards - Favourite Male/Female Pairing
1st Place - Connor Temple/Abby Maitland

Primeval S01E01


top 6 tv shows ↓

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Primeval + text posts (1/?)


you know that moment when u pass by ur crush in the hallway and ur eyes meet 



Chillin’ at ur own funeral ‘n ur tryin’ to tell every1 ur still alive and who killed u, but no one listenin’:


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